Course Registration

About Course Registration

Before you begin your studies at Yonsei University, there is an important process that all students have to complete. Yonsei's course registration follows a bidding system consisting of two rounds (a bidding round and a wait list/waiting number round) and a drop/add period. Students must plan their desired courses and some secondary choices, as enrollment in some courses can be competitive. Be sure to check the course catalog early and confirm, if necessary, with your home institution if the classes you wish to take, and your second choices, are appropriate for your requirements.

What is a "bidding system"?

To alleviate competition and address the ethics of a first-come first-serve registration system, Yonsei began implementing a school-wide bidding system for course registration. It is highly recommended that all students familiarize themselves with the nature of the system and plan their bids prior to the registration period. The pdf below is a guide to understanding the course enrollment process at Yonsei.

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The manual below gives a step-by-step walkthrough of the course registration process, including snapshots and tips. It also includes an exhaustive phonebook of contacts for degree seeking students by department regarding course inquiries.

Visiting and exchange students should contact the Office of International Affairs (below) for assistance. Note that exchange and visiting students are generally restricted from registering for courses held at the Yonsei International Campus in Songdo.

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Exchange and Visiting Students

Students will receive a manual prior to the semester with detailed information about the course registration process.
T +82-2-2123-3987, 6493, 3977
Mon - Fri 9 – 11:30 am, 2 – 5 pm (KST)

Degree-seeking Freshmen

The registration process may vary for first-year students. Contact your specific department or college for accurate details.

Degree-seeking Students (non-freshmen)

Contact your specific department or college’s coordinator for information regarding requirements and limitations specific to your program.