Off-Campus Housing: Boarding Houses (Hasukjip)

Generally, Hasukjips are shared houses with several rooms on each floor. Occupants rent a room in the house and share a living room, kitchen, and a bathroom with the other tenants. The cost of rent ranges between 350,000 KRW to 550,000 KRW per month depending on the size of the bedrooms, the quality of the facilities, and whether the room is shared or not. Breakfast and dinner are often included in the monthly rent.

Check list before signing a lease:

  • Does the boarding house offer only shared rooms? When is breakfast and dinner served?
  • What is the menu like?
  • Do they let you use the kitchen?
  • What is the bathroom facility like?
  • How is the water pressure?
  • How many people share each bathroom?
  • Is there a dryer?
  • How is the room furnished?
  • Is there internet access?
  • If so, is it free of charge?
  • Do you do your own laundry or does the “manager/owner” do everyone’s laundry?