Academic Calendar


Sept 1 - Oct 31
Month Date Check List
February 13 (Tue)

Deadline for Program Withdrawal with 100% Tuition Refund (visiting students only)

14 (Wed) - 20 (Tue)

Online Course Registration period (Korean Standard Time)

23 (Fri)

Dormitory Check-In

28 (Wed)

Spring Semester New Student Offline Orientation

March 2 (Sat)

Spring Semester Begins

6 (Wed) - 8 (Fri)

Course Add & Drop Period(first-come, first-serve basis)

  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Early log-in is possible from 7:00 AM and you may create your wish-list prior to the actual registration at 8:00 AM.
8 (Fri)

Deadline for Program Withdrawal with 80% tuition refund (visiting students only)

31 (Sun)

Easter (Public Holiday)

April 10 (Wed)

Election Day (Public Holiday)

20 (Sat) - 26 (Fri)

Midterm Exam Period

29 (Mon) - May 1 (Wed)

Course Final Withdrawal Period

  • No further changes can be made to your course list after the final withdrawal period. The course withdrawal period is your last chance to drop from your course.
  • When a student withdraws from a course, he/she cannot add a new course for that vacant spot.
  • The minimum course load of nine (9) credits must be maintained even after a course withdrawal has been made for the student to remain enrolled in our SAY program.
  • Withdrawn courses will not appear on the transcript.
May 1 (Wed)

Deadline for Program Withdrawal with 50% Tuition Refund(visiting students only): After this period, no tuition refunds will be made

1 (Wed) ~ 8 (Wed)

Program Extension Application Period (For students who applied for 1 semester only)

5 (Sun) ~ 6 (Mon)

Children's Day (Public Holiday)

15 (Wed)

Buddha's Birthday (Public Holiday)

June 6 (Thur)

Memorial Day (Public Holiday)

8 (Sat) - 21 (Fri)

Reading Week and Final Exam Period

21 (Fri)

Last Day of Spring Semester

22 (Sat)

Dorm Check-out

  • For more details, contact the SK Global House and International House offices (
28 (Fri) - July 5 (Fri)

Course Evaluation Period

  • Students can view their final grades only if they have completed the final course survey without missing out on any of the survey questions.
  • Please use Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge. Other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome may cause problem displaying Course Evaluation page.
29 (Sat) - July 5 (Fri)

Final Online Grade Checking Period

  • Students must have completed their online evaluation in advance, or students will not be able to view their grades through the system.
  • Official transcript is expected to be available from early July (subject to change).
Official Transcript You can issue and print out your official transcript as much as you want for FREE from the Yonsei Portal by yourself from early July (subject to change).

How to Print Out Your Transcript

  • Login to Yonsei Portal( → click Academic Information System → click Grades → click Exchange Student Grades → Print

※ Dates are subject to change without notice.