[Download] Yonsei Exchange & Visiting Student Course Guidelines

Searching Courses and Syllabus: Undergraduate & Graduate

  1. Go to
  2. After changing the site's language to ENG (Language option on the top right corner), click on the "Course Catalogue and Syllabus" banner under 'Yonsei Service' section.
  3. Search for the course that you want to take either by choosing Major and Semester or by inserting course title or course code in the search box if you know it.
  • *Note that Yonsei's academic year runs the same as the calendar year. (Spring semester: 1st semester, Fall semester: 2nd semester)
  • The IEE coded courses, Graduate courses, and the Afternoon Korean language courses are selectable under the Study Abroad Course in Undergraduate level.

    Online Course Registration

    All students (domestic and exchange/visiting) register for courses at the same time through the online course registration system (called the Yonsei Portal system) and therefore getting a spot in some courses may be competitive. Yonsei University does not guarantee registration for any specific courses. Exchange/visiting students are advised to plan ahead with academic counselors at their home university to make sure that requirements are met and that credits can transfer. Please do not wait until the last minute to start registering for courses, as you may encounter technical problems that cannot be resolved immediately.

    Restricted Majors

    Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Music, MBA, Law School, Some courses offered at the Songdo International Campus(mostly UIC courses) However, this may subject to change from semester to semester.

    Choosing your Yonsei Major

    Some courses may have major restriction or quotas. When selecting the Yonsei major on your on-line application, please browse our on-line catalog for offered courses and select the major that offers the most number of courses that you will take during your stay at Yonsei. This will help your chance to get into the courses you wish to take while studying at yonsei.

    Computer Science Courses

    Although Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence courses are in high demand, their course availability for exchange and visiting students is extremely limited. Students must know that obtaining such courses will be highly competitive, thus should consider taking courses from other departments as potential alternatives.

    Business Courses

    Business courses(Course Code: BIZ) are in high demand every semester, so they are strictly open to business major students only. Maximum of 4 courses on the subject per semester is allowed. (subject to change.)

    Course Level

    Undergraduate course numbers range from 1000 (lower division) to 4000 (upper division). For example, ECO1234 would be a lower division course and ECO4567 would be an upper division course. 5000-level courses and above are graduate courses. Graduate courses are only available for graduate students. 4th-year undergraduate students may exceptionally enroll in up to 1 graduate course.

    Course Load

    Undergraduate students must register for a minimum of 9 credits and a maximum of 18 credits per semester. For graduate students the minimum is 9 credits and the maximum is 15 credits. Korean Language Institute (KLI) courses are 6 credits. Therefore, students who take a KLI course will need to take at least one other course worth 3 credits to meet the minimum. Students who carry fewer credits than the minimum will be dropped from the program and may lose their visa status.

  • 1 credit hour of course load equals to minimum 15 hours of class per semester. However, courses such as lab, practice, athletic and other courses designated by Yonsei University are credited 1 credit hour per 30 hours of class a semester.

  • Grading Table
    Grading Table
    A + 4.3 B + 3.3 C + 2.3 D + 1.3
    A 0 4.0 B 0 3.0 C 0 2.0 D 0 1.0
    A - 3.7 B - 2.7 C - 1.7 D - 0.7
    • Yonsei does not provide letter grade translation to "Pass/Nonpass" grading option. Grading for each course is predesignated to Pass/Nonpass or letter grade option.
    Intensive Korean Language Courses

    A special Intensive Korean Language Courses are offered for international exchange and visiting students at Yonsei University through our Korean Lanauge Institute. Taking a Korean Language Course is optional, but some home institutions may require the language course.
    For those who feel that the 6-credit KLI Korean Language Course is too intensive, you may consider the 3-credit Korean Language Course, IEE3341 Korean (1), offered by Office of International Office.

    About KLI Korean Language Course

    1. Levels: 6
    2. Time Period: 8-9 class period (4:00-5:50 pm)
    3. Total In-class Hour: About 160 hours (Monday through Friday for 16 weeks)
    4. Credit: 6 credits (This credit will be counted towards the Maximum Course Load)
    5. Course Code: KLI1001~KLI1006
    6. Course Title: Intensive Korean Language Course Level 1- 6
    7. Registration for the course: Through the Yonsei Portal site's Undergraduate Course Enrollment system
      ※ How to find courses: Yonsei Portal Service - Course Catalogue and Syllabus - Undergraduate Programs - Study Abroad Course - Korean Language - KLI1001~KLI1006
    8. Note: Selection of a Level for a Intensive Korean Language Course should be based on the student's own judgment, as there will be a mandatory Placement Test on the first day of class to adjust his or her Korean Language Course level. If the level is too difficult or too easy, it will be adjusted during the Course Add and Drop Period.
    9. Course load example when a student takes a Intensive Korean Language Course (per semester)
      Course Load
      Type Course Load
      1 6 credits (Korean Language course)+12 credits (Undergraduate courses)= 18 credits*
      2 6 credits (Korean Language course)+ 9 credits (Graduate courses)= 15 credits*

    Using Yonsei Portal System

    To view Yonsei Portal System properly, read the following instruction before browsing courses with your computer

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      User settings and notices
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      Cyberwall Settings Disable the "cookie blocking" from your Cyberwall program settings menu.
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    Course Registration
    • Link to Yonsei Portal ( → Undergraduate Course Enrollment