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Official Transcript Issuance

The Office of International Affairs issues official transcripts for the following programs.

Official Transcript Issuance
Program Contact Point
Exchange/Visiting Student Program
Yonsei International Summer School (YISS)
Winter Abroad at Yonsei (WAY)
For Exchange Students

Yonsei will issue one free copy after program ends per semester, and it will be sent to the student's exchange program office, not to their home address.
Students can expect to receive their transcript approximately one month after program ends. Thus, it is important to fill out the exact study abroad program or exchange program office mailing address of the student's home university on the Yonsei online application form.
If there is any financial obligation remaining, Yonsei will hold the student's official transcript until it is cleared.

For exchange students nominated through the following partner organizations, Yonsei University will not send transcripts to a student's home university directly.

Transcript For Exchange Students
UCEAP Seoul EAP Center
ISEP ISEP Headquarter
CSU CSU IP Office in Long Beach, CA
SUNY Albany University Exchange Program Office
OUS Exchange Program Office, Oregon State University
USAC USAC Headquarter
For Non-Exchange Students (Visiting Students)

For non-exchange students (visiting students) coming through CIEE, Yonsei will forward one free copy of his or her official transcript to the CIEE center in Yonsei.
For other non-exchange students (visiting students), Yonsei will also send one free copy of his or her official transcript to individual home university's study abroad/international office. Therefore, students are required to check their home university office mailing address before the end of each semester.

Transcript Request

Transcript request can be made through email to All requests must include the following.

  • Number of Copy:
  • Official Name of the Student:
  • Yonsei ID Number (or Enrolled Semester):
  • Date of Birth:
  • Mailing Address:
  • Receiver's (or Office) Name:
  • Receiver's (or Office) Telephone Number:
  • Service fee Transaction Date and The Name of the Sender:
*Note: Please keep in mind that we do not process transcript mailing service until the payment is received. It is the student's responsibility to provide accurate request information and the address of the place where the transcript should be sent.

Transcript Issuance Fee & Mailing Service Fee*

  1. Issuance Fee per Copy: KRW 2,000*
  2. Mailing Service Fees*
Transcript Issuance Fee & Mailing Service Fee
A (For Domestic) B (For Abroad)
Registered Mailing Service Fee of KRW 2,000
(Total amount including issuance fee is KRW 4,000)
Express Mailing Service Fee of KRW 23,000
(Total amount including issuance fee is KRW 25,000)

University Bank Account Information for Wire Transfer

  • Name: Woori Bank, Yonsei Branch
  • Account No.: 126-000066-18-563
  • Swift Code: HVBKKRSE
  • Important Note: International Wire Transfer must be made by Equivalent USD.
  • Bank Fees for both side banking service are responsible of sender's, and it must be considered by sender at the time of remittance.


  • How long does express mailing service take?
    AnswerExpress mailing service takes about 3 to 5 business days after the day we sent.


  • How much do I have to transfer in USD for the issuance and mailing service?

    Please use the basic exchange rate on the sending date when making payment. All bank fees will be deducted from the sender's amount, therefore, please make the bank fees in advance. 

  • Does Yonsei provide service for sending transcript by email or electronic copies?
    AnswerWe issue original transcript for mailing service only.