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Yonsei Global

Yonsei Global is a student organization under the Office of International Affairs in Yonsei University. Since its foundation in 2003, it has been functioning as a bridge to a more satisfying life in Yonsei and in Korea as a whole for many exchange and international students. Through various programs and events organized and conducted by Yonsei Global, foreign students can successfully adapt to and learn Korean culture, make Korean and international friends, and enjoy a more eventful and exciting life on and off campus.

Global Day

Every semester, Yonsei Global organizes and holds an event with a variety of cultural contents from many countries. Global Day is held for two days, with over 500 students and faculty visiting every semester. It provides an opportunity to learn and enjoy different cultures around the world.

First Step to Korea

First Step to Korea is an orientation provided by the Office of International Affairs for exchange students who are fresh off the boat, along with any other international students who are not yet familiar with the daily life in Korea and also in Yonsei. Through this program, various information and tips on living in Korea and attending at Yonsei are provided. During this orientation, student can also learn Yonsei cheering “Akaraka” which will be helpful to fully enjoy the “Yon-Ko Games”.

Korean Movie Night

Popular Korean movies with English subtitles are screened at the Global Lounge every month. This program helps you to understand Korean history and culture better through a variety of movies. Free dinner or snack, usually pizza, awaits you! Feel free to come.

Language Exchange

Through the Language Exchange program, an exchange student and a student from Yonsei are matched together. Each pairs can meet regularly to eat dinner or hang around, to learn each other’s language and culture and become good friends.

Korean Culture Experience

Korean Culture Experience offers international students a chance to experience quite a variety of different Korean cultural activities, such as calligraphy, pottery, cooking, and traditional Korean dances and/or martial arts likeTaekwondo.

Global Angel

This program allows international students to do volunteer work, serving the Korean community, and experiencing a different aspect of Korean culture. For instance, opportunities to provide service at orphanages/care centers for children or the elderly, or at the children’s ward at Yonsei Severance Hospital are provided. At the end of the final session after the volunteering, there is also an MT (a common Korean culture to go on a short overnight trip and play games, eat and drink to get to know each other better).

One Shot

This program introduces you to great places in Korea for hanging around and sightseeing, especially attractive to tourists and foreigners. A photo exhibition is also held at the Global Lounge after all sessions have finished and prizes are awarded to the best photographer.

Company Tour

This program is for touring Korean companies, introducing international students to different corporations of Korea. We have visited MBC and KBS broadcasting stations, Hite Jinro (alcoholic beverages company), Amore pacific (cosmetics company), Kia motors, etc through this program.

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