ID Card

Obtaining Visiting Faculty Identification Card

To obtain a Faculty Identification Card, you must visit the Woori Bank branch located at the Student Union. You will find applications as you enter the bank towards the left. If you have any difficulties, please ask for some assistance from the receptionist. Faculty can also obtain an application via the Yonsei website. In order to obtain your identification card, you will need to bring:

  1. Passport or Alien Registration Card
  2. Completed Application
  3. 3 x 4cm Photo

The card will be available in about 1 to 2 weeks. The branch will notify you when it is available to pick up

Obtaining Student Identification Card

A Multifunctional Student ID Card is issued to all Yonsei Students. Students can use it as identification, a debit card, a campus cash card, a library pass, and to verify class attendance.

Exchange / Visiting Students will receive Student ID Cards at the site of Orientation.
For Reissuance of the Student ID Card, follow the link to > Academic Information System > Issue Student ID

To open a bank account at Woori Bank, students should bring their ID Cards to the Woori Bank In the ground floor of the Student Union Building. If you wish to open an account at another bank, you must bring a passport and Certificate of Alien Registration with you to the bank.

Functions of the Student Identification Card:
  • Official University Photo ID
  • Bank Account Debit Card or ATM card
  • Transportation Card
  • Access Card into Libraries and Dormitories
  • Checks Attendance/Lecture Assistance