Partner Institutions

Partner Institutions
Country Institutions MOU / SEA
AFGHANISTAN Kabul University MOUSept 2005
ANGOLA The Catholic University of Angola MOUMarch 2019
ARGENTINA University of Buenos Aires MOU+SEANov 2004
AUSTRALIA Australian National University MOU+SEAAug 2008
AUSTRALIA Bond University SEASept 2003
AUSTRALIA Curtin University SEAOct 1995
AUSTRALIA Deakin University SEAAug 2010
AUSTRALIA Griffith University MOU+SEAMay 2015
AUSTRALIA La Trobe University MOU+SEAMar 1982
AUSTRALIA Monash University SEANov 1988
AUSTRALIA Murdoch University SEAOct 1988
AUSTRALIA University of Adelaide MOU+SEAMar 2011
AUSTRALIA University of New South Wales MOU+SEAJun 1997
AUSTRALIA University of Queensland MOU+SEAMay 1993
AUSTRALIA University of Sydney MOU+SEAMay 1993
AUSTRALIA University of Technology, Sydney MOU+SEAApr 1992
AUSTRALIA University of Western Australia MOU+SEAApr 2015
AUSTRIA FH Kufstein Tirol University of Applied Sciences SEAOct 2004
AUSTRIA Universities of Applied Sciences Upper Austria MOU+SEAJul 2011
AUSTRIA University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt MOU+SEANov 2007
AUSTRIA University of Vienna MOU+SEAMar 2010
AUSTRIA Vienna University of Economics and Business MOU+SEAFeb 2004
AZERBAIJAN ADA University MOUNov 2019
BANGLADESH Asian University for Women MOU+SEAApr 2018
BELGIUM Ghent University MOU+SEANov 2018
BELGIUM KU Leuven SEAApr 2018
BELGIUM Universite Catholique De Louvain SEAApr 1995
BELGIUM Vrije Universiteit Brussel MOUJul 2019
BRUNEI Universiti Brunei Darussalam MOUNov 2014
CAMBODIA Life University MOU+SEAMar 2011
CAMBODIA Royal University of Phnom Pehn MOU+SEAMay 2004
CANADA Bishop's University SEAMay 1994
CANADA Brock University SEAJan 1992
CANADA Dalhousie University SEAFeb 1997
CANADA Huron University College SEAJul 1997
CANADA McGill University SEAMay 1996
CANADA Simon Fraser University MOU+SEASept 1993
CANADA Trent University MOU+SEAMay 1993
CANADA University of Alberta MOU+SEAAug 1986
CANADA University of British Columbia MOU+SEANov 1991
CANADA University of Calgary MOU+SEASept 2015
CANADA University of Manitoba MOU+SEAMay 1995
CANADA University of Montreal MOU+SEAMar 2001
CANADA University of Saskatchewan MOUOct 2019
CANADA University of Toronto MOU+SEANov 2004
CANADA University of Victoria MOU+SEAOct 1996
CANADA University of Waterloo SEASept 2003
CANADA York University MOU+SEASept 1991
CHINA Beijing Institute of Technology MOUDec 2019
CHINA Beijing Normal University MOU+SEAJul 2016
CHINA Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen MOU+SEAMay 2018
CHINA Dalian University of Technology MOU+SEADec 2012
CHINA Fudan University MOU+SEAJul 1997
CHINA Harbin Institute of Technology MOUNov 2005
CHINA Huazhong University of Science and Technology MOUJul 2010
CHINA Jilin University MOU+SEAMay 2005
CHINA Nanjing University MOU+SEAMar 2002
CHINA Nankai University MOUMar 1993
CHINA North China Electric Power University MOU+SEAMar 2011
CHINA Peking University MOU+SEAMay 2009
CHINA Renmin University MOUApr 2006
CHINA Shandong University MOU+SEAMar 2006
CHINA Shanghai Jiao Tong University MOUAug 2001
CHINA Sichuan Normal University MOUJun 2020
CHINA Sichuan University MOUNov 2015
CHINA Sun Yat-sen University MOU+SEAJan 2007
CHINA Tsinghua University MOU+SEAJan 2010
CHINA University of Science and Technology of China MOUMay 2014
CHINA Wuhan University MOU+SEANov 2006
CHINA Yanbian University MOUJun 1993
CHINA Zhejiang Normal University SEAMay 1998
CHINA Zhejiang University MOU+SEAApr 2010
COSTA RICA University for Peace MOUApr 2007
DENMARK Aalborg University SEAOct 2016
DENMARK Aarhus University MOU+SEAJan 2018
DENMARK University of Copenhagen MOU+SEAApr 1996
DENMARK University of Greenland MOUJun 2014
FINLAND Aalto University SEANov 1988
FINLAND University of Eastern Finland MOU+SEAFeb 2005
FINLAND University of Helsinki MOU+SEAOct 2014
FINLAND University of Jyvaskyla, School of Business & Economics MOU+SEAMay 2004
FRANCE Bordeaux Montaigne University MOU+SEAMay 2020
FRANCE Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon MOUNov 2016
FRANCE Ecole Superieure du Commerce Exterieur (ESCE) MOU+SEAApr 2006
FRANCE ESC (Business School) Amiens MOU+SEAFeb 2002
FRANCE ESCEM (France Business School) Tours-Poitiers MOU+SEAOct 2005
FRANCE Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Lyon (INSA-Lyon) MOU+SEAJan 1999
FRANCE ISC PARIS - School of Management MOU+SEANov 2004
FRANCE KEDGE Business School MOU+SEAApr 1999
FRANCE Paris Institute of Technology MOUSep 2009
FRANCE Paris School of Business MOU+SEAJun 2015
FRANCE Paris-Sud University MOUMay 2011
FRANCE Sciences-Po MOU+SEAJan 2015
FRANCE Sorbonne University SEAOct 2018
FRANCE University of Bordeaux MOU+SEAMar 2013/Nov 2018
FRANCE University of Health and Law-Lille 2 MOUSept 2005
GERMANY Eberhard Karls Universitat Tubingen MOU+SEAAug 2005
GERMANY European Business School MOU+SEAJun 2003
GERMANY Freie Universitat Berlin SEAMar 1996
GERMANY Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin MOU+SEAJul 2010
GERMANY Leibniz Universitat Hannover MOU+SEAApr 2006
GERMANY Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen SEAOct 1987
GERMANY Pforzheim University MOU+SEADec 2006
GERMANY RWTH Aachen University MOU+SEAOct 2010
GERMANY Technische Universitat Braunschweig MOU+SEAJun 2006
GERMANY Technische Universitat Dresden MOUOct 2014
GERMANY Technische Universtat Munchen SEANov 2011
GERMANY University of Erfurt MOU+SEAJan 2003
GERMANY University of Hamburg MOU+SEAJan 2019
HONG KONG Chinese University of Hong Kong MOU+SEAApr 1995
HONG KONG City University of Hong Kong MOU+SEAJan 2011
HONG KONG Hong Kong Polytechnic University MOU+SEAOct 2003
HONG KONG Hong Kong University of Science of Technology MOU+SEAMay 1995
HONG KONG University of Hong Kong MOU+SEAMay 2000
HUNGARY Budapest University of Technology and Economics MOUFeb 2011
INDIA Banasthali Vidyapith MOUJan 2020
INDIA CSIR-Indian Insititute of Chemical Technology MOUJan 2020
INDIA Indian Institute of Technology Bombay MOU+SEAOct 2016
INDIA Indian Institute of Technology Madras MOUFeb 2019
INDIA Indian School of Business MOU+SEASept 2019
INDIA International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad MOUFeb 2019
INDIA Jawaharlal Nehru University MOU+SEADec 2004
INDIA Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology(KIIT) MOUJan 2020
INDIA KL deemed to be University MOUNov 2019
INDIA University of Hyderabad MOUSep 2019
INDONESIA Universitas Indonesia MOU+SEANov 2010
IRAN University of Tehran MOUJul 1999
IRELAND Athlone Institute of Technology MOU+SEAMay 2005
IRELAND Dublin Institute of Technology SEAOct 2004
IRELAND Trinity College Dublin MOU+SEADec 2019
IRELAND University College Cork MOU+SEAMar 2006
ISRAEL Technion - Israel Insitute of Technology MOUJan 2011
ISRAEL Tel Aviv University MOUApr 2014
ISRAEL The Hebrew University of Jerusalem MOU+SEANov 1989
ITALY Bocconi University MOU+SEADec 1995
ITALY Ca Foscari University of Venice MOU+SEAOct 2016
ITALY Luiss Guido Carli MOU+SEAOct 2011
ITALY University of Bologna MOU+SEAApril 2019
JAPAN Akita International University MOU+SEASept 2006
JAPAN Aoyama Gakuin University MOU+SEAJun 1996
JAPAN Chuo University MOU+SEAApr 1997
JAPAN Doshisha University MOU+SEASept 2011
JAPAN Hitotsubashi University MOU+SEAMar 2014
JAPAN Hokkaido University MOU+SEASept 1990
JAPAN Hosei University MOU+SEASept 1995
JAPAN International Christian University SEAApr 1996
JAPAN International University of Japan SEAJun 1999
JAPAN Keio University MOU+SEAOct 1970
JAPAN Kwansei Gakuin University MOU+SEAJul 1993
JAPAN Kyoto University MOU+SEAJun 1998
JAPAN Kyushu University MOU+SEAOct 1994
JAPAN Meiji Gakuin University SEAMar 1995
JAPAN Meiji University MOUSept 2010
JAPAN Mejiro University MOU+SEAJun 2004
JAPAN Nagasaki University MOUNov 2003
JAPAN Nagoya University MOU+SEANov 2008
JAPAN Nanzan University SEAMar 1995
JAPAN National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies MOUJan 2013
JAPAN Nihon University MOU+SEAJul 2003
JAPAN Osaka University MOU+SEASept 1998
JAPAN Rikkyo University SEAMar 1985
JAPAN Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University SEAApr 2003
JAPAN Ritsumeikan University MOUJun 1993
JAPAN Sophia University MOU+SEAJan 2007
JAPAN Surugadai University MOU+SEAOct 2010
JAPAN Tohoku University MOU+SEAMay 2007
JAPAN Tokyo Institute of Technology MOU+SEAApr 2002
JAPAN Tokyo University of Foreign Studies SEAJun 1980
JAPAN University of the Ryukyus MOU+SEAJan 2008
JAPAN University of Tokyo MOU+SEAJun 1998
JAPAN University of Tsukuba MOU+SEAFeb 2015
JAPAN Waseda University MOUMar 1998
JAPAN Yokohama National University MOU+SEAOct 2006
JORDAN University of Jordan MOUMar 2007
KAZAKHSTAN Al-Farabi Kazakh National University MOU+SEAAug 2017
KAZAKHSTAN Karaganda State University MOU+SEANov 2003
KAZAKHSTAN Nazarbayev University MOUApr 2018
KAZAKHSTAN Turar Ryskulov New Economic University MOUSep 2005
LITHUANIA Kaunas University of Technology MOU+SEAJan 2005
MALAYSIA University of Malaya MOU+SEANov 2003
MEXICO CETYS University MOU+SEADec 2011
MEXICO Instituto Technologico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) MOU+SEAAug 2005
MEXICO Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM)-Monterrey MOU+SEADec 2012
MEXICO Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) MOU+SEAOct 2004
MEXICO Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) MOU+SEANov 2014
MONGOLIA Huree Institute of Information and Communication Technology MOU+SEAJun 2004
MONGOLIA International University of Ulaanbaatar MOUApr 2007
MONGOLIA Mongolia International University MOU+SEAMay 2004
MONGOLIA Mongolian University of Science and Technology MOU+SEASept 2001
NEPAL Kathmandu University MOU+SEAJul 2002
NEPAL Tribhuvan University MOU+SEANov 2003
NETHERLANDS Erasmus School of Economics MOU+SEADec 2014
NETHERLANDS Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication MOU+SEADec 2013
NETHERLANDS Erasmus University, Rotterdam MOU+SEAJun 1994
NETHERLANDS Inholland University of Applied Sciences MOU+SEAMar 1993
NETHERLANDS Leiden University MOU+SEAFeb 1995
NETHERLANDS Maastricht University MOU+SEAJul 1996
NETHERLANDS Maastricht University, University College Maastricht SEAJan 2020
NETHERLANDS Radboud University Nijmegen MOU+SEAJul 2015
NETHERLANDS Saxion University MOU+SEASept 2005
NETHERLANDS The Hague University of Applied Sciences MOU+SEAApr 1994
NETHERLANDS Tilburg University MOU+SEAJul 1999
NETHERLANDS University of Amsterdam MOU+SEAApr 1994
NETHERLANDS University of Groningen SEASept 2012
NETHERLANDS Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam MOU+SEANov 2015
NEW ZEALAND University of Auckland MOU+SEAFeb 1997
NEW ZEALAND University of Canterbury MOU+SEAOct 2010
NEW ZEALAND University of Otago MOU+SEAMay 2004
NEW ZEALAND University of Waikato MOU+SEADec 1996
NORWAY Norwegian School of Economics SEAFeb 2005
NORWAY University of Oslo MOU+SEAJun 2002
PERU Pontifical Catholic University of Peru MOUJun 2020
PHILIPPINES Ateneo de Manila University MOU+SEAApr 2011
PHILIPPINES University of the Philippines MOUJun 2002
POLAND Warsaw School of Economics MOU+SEAJul 2010
RUSSIAN FEDERATION Far Eastern Federal University MOU+SEASept 2003
RUSSIAN FEDERATION Moscow State University MOU+SEAOct 1989
RUSSIAN FEDERATION St. Petersburg State University MOUAug 1990
SINGAPORE Nanyang Technological University MOU+SEAMay 1996
SINGAPORE National University of Singapore SEANov 1995
SINGAPORE Singapore Management University MOU+SEASept 2003
SINGAPORE Singapore University of Technology and Design MOUAug 2016
SPAIN Public University of Navarre MOU+SEAJul 2005
SPAIN Universidad Carlos III de Madrid MOU+SEANov 2011
SPAIN Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona MOU+SEAOct 2012
SPAIN University of Navarra MOU+SEASept 2011
SWEDEN Chalmers University of Technology MOU+SEAMar 2019
SWEDEN Jonkoping International Business School MOU+SEAJan 2006
SWEDEN Kristianstad University MOU+SEASept 2011
SWEDEN Linnaeus University MOU+SEAMay 2005
SWEDEN Lund University MOUApr 2014
SWEDEN Stockholm School of Economics SEANov 2015
SWEDEN University of Gothenburg MOUJun 2010
SWEDEN Uppsala University MOU+SEASept 2011
SWITZERLAND University of Basel MOU+SEAMay 2014/July 2018
SWITZERLAND University of Geneva MOU+SEASept 2008
SWITZERLAND University of Lausanne MOU+SEANov 2014
SWITZERLAND University of Zurich MOU+SEASept 2009
TAIWAN National Cheng Kung University MOU+SEAOct 2005
TAIWAN National Chengchi University MOU+SEAMar 2006
TAIWAN National Sun Yat-sen University MOU+SEAMay 1999
TAIWAN National Taiwan Normal University MOU+SEADec 2013
TAIWAN National Taiwan University MOU+SEASept 2006
TAIWAN National Taiwan University, College of Management SEASept 2006
TAIWAN National Tsing Hua University MOU+SEAMay 2014
TAIWAN National University of Kaohsiung MOUSept 2010
TAIWAN TungHai University MOU+SEAJan 1999
THAILAND Chulalongkorn University MOU+SEAApr 2003
THAILAND Thammasat University MOU+SEAOct 2002
TURKEY Istanbul University MOUJun 2018
TURKEY Kadir Has University MOU+SEAAug 2011
TURKEY Koc University SEASept 2011
UNITED KINGDOM Coventry University MOU+SEADec 2011
UNITED KINGDOM Durham University MOU+SEAMar 2016
UNITED KINGDOM King's College London MOU+SEAMar 2013
UNITED KINGDOM Kingston University MOU+SEASept 2011
UNITED KINGDOM Queen Mary University of London MOU+SEAMar 2019
UNITED KINGDOM SOAS, University of London MOU+SEAJul 2014
UNITED KINGDOM The University of Edinburgh MOU+SEANov 2012
UNITED KINGDOM University of Aberdeen SEASep 2016
UNITED KINGDOM University of Bath MOU+SEAJun 2013
UNITED KINGDOM University of Birmingham SEAOct 2016
UNITED KINGDOM University of Bristol MOU+SEAMar 2015
UNITED KINGDOM University of Edinburgh MOU+SEANov 2012
UNITED KINGDOM University of Exeter SEAFeb 2016
UNITED KINGDOM University of Glasgow SEAAug 2016
UNITED KINGDOM University of Hertfordshire SEAFeb 2012
UNITED KINGDOM University of Leeds MOU+SEADec 2016
UNITED KINGDOM University of Nottingham MOU+SEAJul 2019
UNITED KINGDOM University of Oxford MOUNov 2008
UNITED KINGDOM University of Sheffield SEAFeb 1987
UNITED KINGDOM University of Southampton MOUMay 2012
UNITED KINGDOM University of St Andrews MOUApr 2012
UNITED STATES American University MOU+SEAApr 2002
UNITED STATES Amherst-College MOU+SEAJan 2019
UNITED STATES Arizona State University MOU+SEAOct 2002
UNITED STATES Azusa Pacific University MOUMar 2013
UNITED STATES Baylor University MOU+SEANov 1991
UNITED STATES Biola University MOU+SEAApr 1992
UNITED STATES Boston University MOUJan 2016
UNITED STATES Bowling Green State University MOUSept 1984
UNITED STATES Brandeis University SEAApr 1993
UNITED STATES California Institute of the Arts SEADec 2010
UNITED STATES California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES California State Polytechnic University Ponoma SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES Case Western Reserve University MOU+SEA2016-07-25
UNITED STATES Colgate University MOU+SEAOct 2014
UNITED STATES College of William & Mary SEAOct 2000
UNITED STATES Cornell College SEAApr 1998
UNITED STATES Cornell University MOUDec 2012
UNITED STATES CSU Bakersfield MOUJul 1996
UNITED STATES CSU Channel Islands SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES CSU Dominguez Hills SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES CSU Maritime Academy SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES CSU Monterey Bay SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES CSU Northridge SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES CSU Sacramento SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES CSU San Bernardino SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES CSU Stanislaus SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES CUNY - Baruch College MOU+SEAFeb 2000
UNITED STATES Dartmouth College MOU+SEASept 2008
UNITED STATES Dickinson College SEAApr 1994
UNITED STATES Duke University MOUNov 2013
UNITED STATES Eastern Oregon University SEADec 1986
UNITED STATES Emory University MOU+SEANov 1990
UNITED STATES George Mason University SEAFeb 1995
UNITED STATES George Washington University SEAJan 2003
UNITED STATES Georgia Institute of Technology SEANov 2001
UNITED STATES Grinnell College MOUOct 2012
UNITED STATES Hobart & William Smith College SEADec 1995
UNITED STATES Humboldt State University SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES Indiana University Bloomington SEADec 1986
UNITED STATES Iowa State University SEANov 1988
UNITED STATES ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) SEAAugust 1984
UNITED STATES James Madison University SEAMay 1998
UNITED STATES Linfield College MOU+SEAOct 1990
UNITED STATES Long Island University MOUJun 1996
UNITED STATES Mercer University SEAJul 1994
UNITED STATES Michigan State University MOUMar 1991
UNITED STATES Montana State University MOU+SEAJul 2001
UNITED STATES New Brunswick Theological Seminary MOUJul 1994
UNITED STATES New York University SEAOct 1999
UNITED STATES New York University - Stern School of Business SEAOct 1999
UNITED STATES North Central College MOU+SEAMar 1996
UNITED STATES Northeastern University SEADec 2019
UNITED STATES Northwest Missouri State University MOU+SEAApr 1994
UNITED STATES Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management SEAOct 2005
UNITED STATES Ohio State University MOU+SEAMar 1994
UNITED STATES Oklahoma State University MOU+SEAApr 2001
UNITED STATES Old Dominion University MOU+SEADec 1990
UNITED STATES Oregon Institute of Technology SEADec 1986
UNITED STATES Oregon State University SEADec 1986
UNITED STATES Portland State University SEADec 1986
UNITED STATES Purdue University SEAJul 1998
UNITED STATES Randolph-Macon College MOU+SEAAug 1992
UNITED STATES Roger Williams University MOU+SEAMay 1994
UNITED STATES Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey MOUMay 2011
UNITED STATES San Diego State University SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES San Francisco State University SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES San Jose State University SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES Sonoma State University SEAJul 1996
UNITED STATES Southern Oregon University SEADec 1986
UNITED STATES St. Cloud State University SEAOct 2003
UNITED STATES St. Olaf College MOU+SEAMar 2003
UNITED STATES Suffolk University - Sawyer School of Management MOU+SEAJan 2006
UNITED STATES SUNY at Stony Brook MOU+SEASept 1991
UNITED STATES Syracuse University MOU+SEAApr 1990
UNITED STATES Temple University MOU+SEAJun 2009
UNITED STATES Thunderbird School of Global Management SEADec 1989
UNITED STATES Towson University MOU+SEADec 2004
UNITED STATES Tufts University, The Fletcher School SEAMay 2008
UNITED STATES Union College SEAApr 1992
UNITED STATES University of Akron MOU+SEAJan 1992
UNITED STATES University of Alabama SEAMay 1996
UNITED STATES University of California Berkeley SEAJul 1986
UNITED STATES University of California Davis SEAJul 1986
UNITED STATES University of California Irvine SEAJul 1986
UNITED STATES University of California Los Angeles SEAJul 1986
UNITED STATES University of California Merced SEAJul 1986
UNITED STATES University of California Riverside SEAJul 1986
UNITED STATES University of California San Diego SEAJul 1986
UNITED STATES University of California San Francisco SEAJul 1986
UNITED STATES University of California Santa Barbara SEAJul 1986
UNITED STATES University of California Santa Cruz SEAJul 1986
UNITED STATES University of Chicago SEAFeb 2012
UNITED STATES University of Cincinnati MOUNov 1997
UNITED STATES University of Connecticut SEAJan 2007
UNITED STATES University of Georgia MOU+SEAApr 1999
UNITED STATES University of Guam MOU+SEANov 1996
UNITED STATES University of Hawaii at Manoa MOU+SEAJul 1983
UNITED STATES University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign SEAJan 1992
UNITED STATES University of Maryland at College Park MOU+SEAMar 2014
UNITED STATES University of Massachusetts Amherst MOU+SEAJun 1996
UNITED STATES University of Massachusetts Lowell MOU+SEANov 2011
UNITED STATES University of Miami MOU+SEASept 2006
UNITED STATES University of Michigan SEAMar 1995
UNITED STATES University of Minnesota Morris MOU+SEAJan 1992
UNITED STATES University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill SEAApr 1997
UNITED STATES University of North Carolina at Greensboro MOU+SEAApr 2005
UNITED STATES University of Notre Dame MOU+SEAFeb 2013
UNITED STATES University of Oregon MOU+SEADec 1986
UNITED STATES University of Pennsylvania MOU+SEAOct 1992
UNITED STATES University of Pittsburgh MOU+SEAOct 2012
UNITED STATES University of Richmond MOU+SEAMar 2005
UNITED STATES University of Rochester SEADec 2018
UNITED STATES University of South Carolina MOUMay 2006
UNITED STATES University of South Florida SEAAug 1994
UNITED STATES University of Texas at Arlington MOUJul 1996
UNITED STATES University of Texas at Austin SEAApr 2019
UNITED STATES University of Utah MOUApr 2007
UNITED STATES University of Washington SEANov 1995
UNITED STATES University of Wisconsin-Madison MOU+SEANov 2009
UNITED STATES USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium) SEAJune 2004
UNITED STATES Washington and Jefferson College MOU+SEAJun 2007
UNITED STATES Washington College MOU+SEAApr 2003
UNITED STATES Washington University in St. Louis MOU+SEANov 1995
UNITED STATES Western Kentucky University MOU+SEAOct 2004
UNITED STATES Western Oregon University SEADec 1986
UNITED STATES Western Washington University SEASept 1996
UNITED STATES Westminster College SEASept 2003
VIETNAM Hanoi University MOUAug 2014
VIETNAM Ho Chi MInh City University of Education MOUSep 2018
VIETNAM Vietnam National University, Hanoi MOU+SEAMay 2004
VIETNAM Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City MOUApril 2019
VIETNAM Vin University MOUMay 2020
ZIMBABWE University of Zimbabwe MOU+SEAOct 2005