Student Organizations

Mentors Club

Mentors Club is the only and the best volunteer club that runs the Buddy Program in Yonsei. Its aim is to help international students(exchange, visiting, degree-seeking) adjust to life in Korea. Students can enhance their global perspective by exchanging cultures and making friends through the Mentors Club's programs.

Buddy Program

Through this program, international students are paired with Yonsei students to learn more about Korea and share ideas through a personalized relationship with their buddies.

How? "Cell Meeting"
If you feel it is hard to meet foreign friends personally or to participate in large-scaled events, we recommend cell meetings. In Mentors Club, there are about 10 cells comprised of a mix of Yonsei and international students. Each cell shares unforgettable memories while spending time together in diverse places such as the royal palace, Chi-maek (chicken with beer) in Han River, an amusement park, and etc. Cell Meetings are a special program of Mentors Club, which helps you make friends with foreign students.

Buddies' Night

Mentors Club welcomes you by throwing an exciting welcoming party! With Mentors Club only, international students will have the opportunity to participate in ‘Yonsei Cheering Orientation’, which teaches you the basic movements that are essential for your successful AKARAKA in May or Yeon-Ko Jeon in Fall. Also, after the orientation, Buddies’ Night party will provide international students with an unforgettable first night in Korea.

Dae Dong Jae & Yon-Ko Jeon

In May and Fall, Dae Dong Jae and Yon-Ko Jeon, the two most distinguishable school festivals, are coming. In Dae Dong Jae, Mentors Club holds a special ‘club party’ with fabulous DJ group on the Baek Yang Road, the main road in Yonsei Campus. In this event, international students in Mentors Club will have the chance to take part in planning and making the party with other Yonsei mentors. In Fall, Mentors Club guides international students all the way through Yon-Ko Jeon from cheering to watching sports leagues against Korea University.

Halloween Day

Halloween Day is a large-scaled event of Mentors Club held every October. For international students, it is a great chance to enjoy Halloween party in Korea. It is also a unique experience for Yonseians. Students dress up in Halloween costumes and the event boasts a huge turnout every year.

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