Notice (SAY)

  • [Fall 2022] End of Semester and Mandatory Departure from Korea for D-2 ARC Holders

    2022.12.14 정수현 2005
  • Dear Fall 2022 SAY exchange and visiting students,


    Greetings from Yonsei OIA,
    As the last day of Fall 2022 semester is approaching fast, we would like to remind you of final immigration duties for those who hold a D-2 Alien Registration Card.
    1. Mandatory Departure from Korea (not subject to those who are enrolled up to Spring 2023 semester)
    Mandatory departure from Korea once the program is over is subject to international students (1) without Korean nationality and/or (2) who entered Korea with D-2 visa.
    If you do not have a D-2 ARC or are already abroad, then you can disregard the following.
    A. International students who possess D-2 ARC MUST leave Korea within 30 days from 2022. 12. 21.(the last day of Fall 2022 semester). In accordance with the Korean Immigration Policy, D-2 ARC is invalidated on the last day of the semester REGARDLESS of the actual duration of stay printed (ex. 2023. 1. 21., 2023. 3. 31.) on the backside of your Alien Registration Card.
    B. Alien Registration Card MUST be returned to the airport on the day of your permanent departure.
    C. You may be regarded as an illegal immigrant if you do not depart in time, thus please be aware.
    D. For specific inquiries, please contact the Korean Immigration Contact Center (dial 1345 or 02-6980-4726).
    2. Departure Process regarding COVID-19
    Please refer to the following links provided by Incheon International Airport regarding the most updated departure process and COVID-19 test prior to boarding the plane.
    Our office would like to truly thank you for participating in our Fall 2022 SAY Program.
    Good luck with your finals, and we wish you a safe and pleasant trip back home!