Notice (SAY)

  • [2019 Spring] Program Withdrawal Form

    2019.01.03 Study Abroad at Yonsei 1178

    Program Withdrawal Form for 2019 Spring Semester



    1. Students who are willing to withdraw from Study Abroad at Yonsei Program must present the attached withdrawal form completed with home institution study abroad coordinator's signature.


    2. Having presented the form does not finish your administrative procedure for withdrawal. Upon completing the instructions listed:


      1) submit a written program withdrawal form as well as the request form for refund via e-mail at


      2) inform the course instructors


      3) vacate the International house


      4) clear any financial obligations


      5) return all books that were checked-out from the libraries


    3. If there's any additional confirmation is required from Yonsei, students are required to respond and cooperate as soon as possible to the office.



    Office of International Affairs, International Affairs Team