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  • [Fall 2021] Guidelines for Fall 2021 Courses

    2021.06.01 Manager 1303

    Greetings from Yonsei University.


    We would like to provide the guidelines for 2021 Yonsei Fall semester given from the office of Academic Affairs as follows.

    Please refer to the details below for your plans.


    <Guidelines for Fall 2021 Courses>

    Professors will decide either way of the teaching methods and it will be announced mid-July on the Yonsei portal. 

    Thus, please understand that we CANNOT predict the exact proportion of methods until then.


    A. Teaching method 1: 100% Online Class

    Composition: Close interaction with the professor by having at least 1 hour per week of real-time online class

    (ex. real-time online class 1 hour + pre-recorded video contents 2 hours / real-time online class 2 hours + pre-recorded video contents 1 hour etc.)


    B. Teaching method 2: Blending Class (Face-to-face + Online)


    1 hour of face-to-face class and real-time online class at the same time + 2 hours of real-time online class or pre-recorded video contents

    Exams will be also conducted simultaneously with online test


    Important Notes

    A. Teaching methods will be stated in the syllabus and LearnUs page.

    B. Students will be able to check the teaching methods of each course before course registration (August 16 ~ August 20, 2021).

    C. Students are allowed to take 100% online classes throughout the entire semester.

    D. Korean Language Institute (KLI) has not decided the teaching method yet. We will let you know as soon as we hear from them.