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  • [Spring 2024] Mentors Club Buddies' Night

    2024.02.23 정수현 282
  • Dear Spring 2024 SAY Program exchange and visiting students,

    Greetings from Yonsei OIA.
    Below is on behalf of Mentors Club, one of Yonsei OIA student organizations designed to interact and provide cultural experience to exchange and visiting students.
    Please contact Mentors Club directly for any inquiries and additional information regarding the below.
    Instagram: @mentorsclub_yonsei


    [D-3 for Ticket Booth Open - Buddies Night : A welcoming party for international students!]

    Buddies' Night is a welcoming party hosted by Yonsei Mentors Club for its newest members.

    It is the first and the biggest event where you can meet hundreds of both foreign and domestic Yonsei students.

    Over 700 students joined every semester. 


    Buddies' Night will be held on February 29th (Thursday)

    If you join the party, we will get you 2 free shots and unlimited access to two bars that are located very close to each other.


    [Event Info]


    When? 6:00 PM if you join for dinner as well. 

    Otherwise, the event officially starts at 8:00 PM and ends at 1:00 AM the next day.


    Where? Bars in the Hongdae area.

    We will announce the locations at noon on the day of the event, so please keep yourself posted through our official Instagram! (@mentorsclub_yonsei)


    [Ticket Info]

    Tickets cannot be purchased on-site on the party day, so you must visit the ticket booth in advance either on 26th or 27th. For Ticket Booth Information, please refer to the attached image below.


    How to buy ticket

    1. Sign up through this google form.

        - All of the party participants must submit this form.

    2. Bring your ID card and cash to our ticket booth.

        - ID must show your name and the date of birth.

    3. Pay and get your ticket! (Only in cash)

        -10K for PARTY ONLY / 20k for DINNER??&PARTY


    [Important Notice]

    Tickets are non-refundable

    - If you were born in the year 2006 or later, you are not allowed to partake in this event in any cases.Strict ID checks will be required for both ticket purchase and admission to the event venue on the day of. Your ID must show a clear picture of yourself, your name, and the date of birth.

    - The event hosted by Mentor’s Club is from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

    Dinner Cost (10k) is also non-refundable

    - Food will be prepared in advance, so we inform you that dinner fees are non-refundable regardless of your attendance.



    DM us on Instagram @mentorsclub_yonsei