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  • [Spring 2024] Yonsei Global's Language Exchange(LE) Program

    2024.03.12 정수현 1523
  • Dear Spring 2024 SAY Program exchange and visiting students,

    Greetings from Yonsei OIA.
    Below is on behalf of Yonsei Global, one of Yonsei OIA student organizations designed to interact and provide cultural experience to exchange and visiting students.
    Please contact Yonsei Global directly for any inquiries and additional information regarding the below.


    [2024-1 Notice for the one-on-one LE (Language Exchange) program with Yonsei student]


    Hello, this is the Yonsei Global’s Language Exchange(LE) Program.


    LE provides a one-on-one matching program between a Yonsei student and an exchange student in which the matched buddies can experience cultural exchange.

    Moreover, it is expected that this program would help building friendships among Yonsei and exchange students. You can apply for LE by filling out the application form below.


    The 2024-1 semester’s LE applications will be available from March 5th to 22nd.

    The total number of buddies matched will depend on the number of exchange students (International Students) applications, and the maximum will be limited to 100 pairs so we would like the applicants to note that depending on your application time, you might not be selected for matching.

    The partner matching will be based on the information in the application, and we will notify you after March 23rd the matching result.

    Also, there are some programs, such as “Walk & Talk” and “Meet Up” where matched buddies can participate together and have fun.


    Application for Yonsei Students: 


    Application for Exchange Students: 


    More information about the LE and the programs can be found on our website ( ) and on our facebook page (

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! ((Eunsea Cho(program manager):


    Language Exchange(LE) program information brochure will be followed.


    Language Exchange (LE)

    Fastest way to learn Korean and latest Korean culture? Language Exchange!

    LE (Language Exchange) is a one-to-one matching program in which you can exchange both   languages and cultures with Yonsei University students. In order to make this process easier and more entertaining, we have prepared some exciting activities to help you enjoy this program livelier with your matched buddy.

    First, we have “Walk and Talk” activity. In this program, you and your buddy can take a walk around BanPo Han-river Park and have lunch. Also, we plan to enjoy the musical fountain with the members participating in the activity. By spending time together, buddies can get to know each other better. Nice food and fun activities will also be followed.

    You can also participate in “Meet Up.” It is an activity that you and your buddy can more easily do! You and your buddy can meet whenever you want and spend time together. All you will have to do is to take pictures together and send it to us via e-mail. Nothing special. The team that spent the most time together will win prizes at the end of the semester.

    There will be prizes which will be granted to the most active participants. So, do not miss this precious opportunity! We expect both exchange and Yonsei students to become close friends and have fun through the Language Exchange (LE) Program. We hope you and your buddy share great memories while learning diverse language and culture from each other. During the once-in-a-lifetime exchange student period, I would like to present unforgettable memories to exchange students.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the manager.





    1) Walk & Talk (April 5th, 2024)


    2) Meet Up (~June 1st, 2024)


    ▶ Apply :

    Buddy matching (March 1st ~ March 22nd)

    ▶ More details at or
    Emails containing application form will also be sent out.

    ▶ Result : March 23rd


    30000 KRW

    LE Manager

    Eunsea Cho (010-6264-2459)