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  • The 6th China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

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  • Innovation and entrepreneurship is a global trend and the lingua franca of the youth worldwide. Young people shape the world’s future and are the mainstay of innovation and entrepreneurship. Faced with the great challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic in this information age, young people around the world should endeavor to enhance people-to-people exchanges, join hands to build an “Internet+” platform of innovation and entrepreneurship, and create a community of shared future for humanity.

    The China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has been successfully held five times since 2015, and has become the world’s largest innovation and entrepreneurship competition for college students. In 2019, the competition drew 4.57 million participants (1.09 million teams) from 4,093 colleges and universities in 124 countries and regions. Over 1,000 professionals were invited to judge the competition and mentor the participants, among whom were investors, entrepreneurs, startup incubator mentors, and innovation and entrepreneurship education experts from China and abroad. Many high-quality projects stood out, gaining market visibility and investment.

    In 2020, we will hold the 6th China International College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. We sincerely invite young people who are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship around the globe to join us in this event where creativity converges, aspirations emerge, and cooperative awareness develops. As young talents compete, communicate, and cooperate in this arena, they will set an example for the youth worldwide.


    I. Project Requirements: Refer to the document attached.

    II. Eligibility and Category: This competition only accepts team entries. All participants must enter in teams of 2 to 15 people (team leader included). 

    III. Competition Rules and Awards: The organizing committee will present the winners with an award certificate and provide them with assistance in finding investment and incubators. The first, second and third place teams of the higher education track will be awarded prize money.

    IV. Registration: 

    1. Participants must register at Registration will open on July 20, 2020 and close on September 15, 2020 (Beijing time, UTC+8).

    2. All teams should submit a project presentation file (PPT format), and can also submit a business plan (PDF/Word format) or a one minute video as a supplement.

    3. The organizing committee will, provided that air travel returns to normal, cover the air travel expenses (round-trip economy class) for two members from each of the 100 finalist teams and the accommodation expenses for all 100 finalist teams.

    This year’s finals and award ceremony will be held in Guangzhou in November 2020.

    V. Judging Criteria: For detailed information on the judging rules and criteria  of the competition, please visit or

    VII. Contact Us: 

    FAN Zhi, Promotion Association for the Global Youth

    Innovation Leadership Community (PILC)

    Tel: 0086-18628258959; Email: