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  • LG Global Challenger

    2017.03.14 Yonsei OIA 1554

    [LG Global Challenger]

    Thanks for your interest in LG Global Challenger.

    LG Global Challenger is CSR program of LG corporation, giving chances to go abroad for Korean students and to explore the places of Korea for foreign students. (

    I wrote on basic information about LG Global Challenger below,

    We will also hold on info sessions for international students so don’t miss them. (Check them right below.)


    [Ewha Woman’s Uni.] 18:30 15th of March (Wed.) – 국제교육관 1002

    [Daegu Uni.] 15:00 17th of March(Fri.) – Intercultural Lounge

    [Dong-guk Uni.] 18:00 21st of March (Tue.) – 경영학관 L407

    [Seoul National Uni.] 16:30 23rd of March(Thu.) – 대학원연구동(39) B119(지하1)

    [Kyung Hee Uni.] 18:30 23rd of March (Thu.) – 호텔관광대학본관 501

    [Inha Uni.] 18:00 24th of March (Fri.) – 2호관2 409

     If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us anytime at


      About the qualification

    - International students who are attending 4-year colleges or graduate school in Korea and who has D-2 or F-4 visa can apply.

    - 4 foreign students who are attending same school can be 1 team regardless of sex, nationality, and major. (You can't apply as an individual)

    - Unfortunately, students who are not attending school and who are attending language school and has Korean nationality cannot apply.

    * Total 5 international teams will be chosen and the each team has to consist of 4 international students. So it would be total 20 international people.


     Theme Choosing - Everything is OK! 

    - The theme can be everything you’ve wanted to learn, experience, or study in Korea. You can just choose the theme you are truly interested.

    - Ex)Learning idol star training program / Korean transportation system / Examining the way of running Olle street in Jeju etc.

    - Cf) Theme from 2016 : Korean fermented condiments: its benefits and potential / Slow City Life in Korea / Hanji-A thousand years of love / Korean Food Reaches Islamic world / K-City – Smart City: Reply 2046


     Guidelines and Benefits for application


    - The expedition subject should be the theme that suggests future vision through the expedition.

    - Main expedition targets would be organizations that are related to your theme, such as corporations, research centers, colleges, government organizations, or social centers.

    - However, Touring area is only limited to South Korea.

    - The expedition period will be 10 nights and 11days whenever you feel free to travel, from July 15th to August 31st.


    - You will get great opportunity to travel Korea for free. If you want to travel Jeju, they will support air free as well.

    - LG group will give you full financial support, including full amount of transportation expenses, accommodation cost, and activity cost.

    - You will publish your own travel journal.

    - There is an annual homecoming day party throwing which is celebrating the event with the whole members of LG Global Challenger. You can participate in the party.

    [Benefits - Global Prize]

    - Total 5 teams will be chosen, and as they compete, the best team will be awarded global prize.

    - The team who win this prize will be awarded LG electronic products such as LG Laptop.

    - Your team also may get scholarship(three million won) if you win global prize.

    - The members of the team who won global prize will get qualification to work as intern in LG group in Korea. (You can choose 2017 Winter internship or 2018 Summer internship)


     Selection Method

    - Application Period : 2017.04.10 (Mon) 00:00 ~ 2017.04.19 (Wed) 17:00

    ※ Please make sure to submit your application before 19th of April by E-mail.

    After submitting, you can check up and edit your application 4 days more (till 23th of April) by E-mail (

    However, we do not accept applications after 19th of April. Please keep deadline.

    - Qualified applicants of the document evaluation : Tuesday, May 9, 2017

    - Interview : Thursday, May 25, 2017 (All of team member must participate in interview)

    - Final qualified applicants : Thursday, June 1, 2017 (Final qualified applicants will be contacted individually)


     How to write expedition plan

    - The expedition form is provided. (Attached)

    - You must fill in the form in Korean or English.

    - You may add extra pages if necessary. However, the total pages have to be below 20. 

    ※ You will get more information below:


    Best regards,

    LG Global Challenger Office