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International Visits

  • 2020 APRU Virtual Annual Presidents

    2020.07.09 정규리 722
  • *Date: June 23rd, 2020


    *Representative from Yonsei University

    Prof. Eunkyoung Kim, Provost

    Prof. Sunku Hahn, Vice President for International Affairs


    *Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, 2020 APRU Annual Presidents' Meeting which was to be hosted by the University of Auckland was changed to a virtual meeting. Yonsei University Delegates participated in the Virtual APM on June 23rd, along with over 150 participants from 55 APRU member universities. COVID-19 Challenges and University Leadership was the main theme of this year's APM. Panelists from various universities shared their experiences in responding to the health crisis in their own context and how universities have been offering leadership. Nanyang Technology University, Singapore, will hold 2021 APM in Singapore, proposing the theme of next year's APM to be 'the Humanity in a Technological World'.