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Global Lounge


Since its opening in November 2002, the Global Lounge has been the most important and popular international student facility on campus in promoting global cultural diversity. The Global Lounge serves as the link between the international community and Yonsei University. With its large exchange network, it is a multi-functional space to foster an international perspective and sense for students and provides various one-stop services to international students. We seek to inspire imaginative and innovative ideas and transform students to become global citizens that are part of our global community.

  • Operation Hours: Weekdays (8:00 am-8:00 pm)
    Vacation (9:00 am-5:00 pm)
  • E-mail:
  • Location: Next to Student Union Building, +82-2-2123-6496
MedicineMulti-TV Sets
Our main facility has seven multi-television sets transmitting 10 different foreign broadcasting channels. The facility has a seating capacity of 150 people.
Discussion Area
The Global Lounge has an area dedicated to language exchange. Students who wish to learn foreign languages can only communicate to each other in a designated language in these areas.
Seminar Room
Students may use the seminar room for group study, workshops, lectures or language exchange programs. To use the seminar room, a reservation is required. The seminar room can be reserved twice a week per group for a maximum of three hours each session.
Flag Wall - Global Life Resource
The Flag Wall displays information on different countries for study abroad and travel. Each national flag box contains useful academic and practical information on the country.
Internet Zone
Students can use their PCs through wireless internet connection at the Global Lounge. You may also bring your own notebook and use the wireless Internet connection.