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  • [2019 Fall] Office Closure during the Chuseok Holiday (Sep. 12 ~ 15)

    2019.09.10 김지훈 1162

    Greetings from the Yonsei International Affairs Team!


    Chuseok, often also called Hankawi, is a holiday in which family members visit their ancestral hometowns and share a feast of Korean traditional food together. Like the old saying in Korea, “No more, no less, but just as much as Hankawi,” the main purpose of Chuseok is to celebrate a good harvest, in gratitude to the richness the season brings to the farmers and the whole people of Korea.


    A quarter of your semester at Yonsei is about to pass just after completing the course add/drop and getting adjusted to new schedules. I am sure you would have had to go through some difficulties in adjusting to a new environment, new courses, and encountering new situations abroad. We at the OIA hope that this coming holiday period gives you some time to take a good rest before the second quarter of the semester starts.


    During the upcoming holiday season, most Korean people travel to meet their family members around the nation. For this reason, many stores will be closed and heavy traffic is expected during the start and end days of the Chuseok period. Please do be prepared beforehand.


    Our office will be closed from September 12 ~ 15. During the holiday period, we shall not have access to our e-mail nor office phone. For this reason, we share emergency contact information as below. Please take careful note of this important information.


    ♦ For Non-Korean passport holder: Please note that your visa will be expired if you leave Korea before you get the ARC card.

    Please do not leave Korea before you have alien registration card.






    Medical Emergency

    & Fire


    Nationwide Service



    Nationwide Service

    Dorm Security




    SK Global House Security

    International House Security



    Sinchon Severance Hospital



    Sinchon Severance Hospital




    Sinchon Severance Hospital


    I wish everyone a pleasant and safe Chuseok.


    Best Regards,


    Office of International Affairs

    Yonsei University