Student Visas

Change of Stay Right

When would I need to change my visa?

If you enter Korea on a tourist visa (an automatic visa agreement between many countries and Korea), you will need to change your visa type to the proper visa before your school program begins. To do this, you must visit the appropriate immigration office to report your information every time you find work or your residence moves to a new address. Students are strongly advised to consult the Immigration Counseling Center by dialing 1345 without the area code.

Leave of Absence

All international students who have taken leave of absence from school must leave the country within 15 days from the day of the application. So as to be aware and well informed of the problems that may arise regarding the leave, foreign students are advised to receive counseling from the Office of International Affairs (OIA) prior to the application.

  1. You must surrender your alien registration card to the Immigration officer when leaving the country.
  2. Those who wish to return to school must register through Yonsei Portal Service during a specified period of time designated for returning to school. Only if you follow these steps, you can obtain a new Overseas Student Visa (D-2). Furthermore, in order for undergraduate students to receive an admission letter, you must send your address, contact number, and a copy of passport to the OIA.
  3. Once the admission letter is received, go to your nearest Korean Embassy/Consulate to apply for a D-2 visa. After obtaining the said visa, you can enter Korea and apply for a new alien registration card. The number on the issued card is generally the same as your original number.
Back to School

If you file for a leave of absence from school, then you must leave the country within 30 days from the first day when your application is approved. However, those who are confined to the hospital are exempted from this. As for returning back to school, you have to send the important documents relating to the issuance of your visa listed below to the admissions officer in at least one month before classes start. Once the university acceptance letter is received from the admissions officer, you can go to the Korean embassy/consulate nearest you to apply for a visa.

Required Documents
  • Copy of passport
  • Passport sized color photo (3cm X 4cm)
  • Certificate of leave of absence
  • Academic Transcript